15   11   2011  

Welcome to the Galileo Drawing Competition!

Welcome to the Galileo Drawing Competition – this is your chance to have a Galileo Programme Satellite named after you and launched into Space!

To enter the competition you will create a picture that represents ‘Space and Aeronautics’ This includes things like stars, rockets, planets and satellites. What else can you think of that is in Space?

You can create your picture using any drawing, painting, or colouring technique that you like. You can use all sorts of materials like paints, felt tips, pencils, glue, glitter. The main thing is that you use a big dollop of imagination!

You will then upload your picture here. You can do this by scanning your picture or by taking a digital photo. Your parents, teachers, or local library may be able to help you do this. You can only enter one picture so make sure you chose your favourite one.

You must upload your picture between 1st September -15th November 2011.

A National Jury Panel will then select a winning picture. The winner will be invited to an Award Ceremony where they will be presented with a certificate and a trophy, to keep, that represents the satellite that will be named after them.

If you live in Malta and were born in either 2000, 2001 or 2002, then you can enter the competition.

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